«I’ve written to you before asking to share your articles with my yahoo groups.  After that I bought your book.  I receive all your new articles and just love, love, love them all!!! I hope you’ve started another book, because I can’t wait to read it. All your information has been so helpful in these times and I can’t tell you how much we all appreciate it!»

Karen Karbo Yellville, Arkansas

«I too am involved with similar work; like yourself I am committed to assisting individuals to identify and clear fears with the aim to reconnect with their I AM Presence and purpose in an authentic and practical manner. In amongst a sea of inaccurate information by well intentioned lightworkers, I have found your articles to be refreshing and an accurate reflection of what this work is about…You have written a wealth of articles that convey abstract concepts and ideas related to this work in simple language and feel many ‘seekers’ will benefit from them.»

Sophie Lloyd Transformational Life Coach, Australia  www.imaginefeelcreate.com

«Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and foresight, most important you did not tell me what to do but allowed me to strengthen my own self and my own vision.  The most intense realization for me from our conversation was my misunderstanding of what surrender meant.  This was a huge step forward for me as I know now that surrender is only to my higher self and not to other people.  This will help me to stop playing the old victim roles and allows me to see my higher self connect within as I make important choices and change for the better with a loving heart! Thank you again so very much!»


«I would just like to say thanks for your wonderful writings.  I can identify with your thinking and feelings all the way down the line…I am more of a watcher and digester these days before I act because it is important to me that my choices sit right with me deep down and that I am (and we all are) making my own mind up.  I have noticed your recent comments on the Andrew Cohen website and once again I love the way you talk – seems sensible to me…Once again Thanks!»

Dr. Joe Delaney, Wirral, UK

«Thank you so much, Christine. This is AMAZING stuff and just what I needed to read today.»

Much love and joy, Lori Boatman

«My name is Laura M. I wish I had the time and space to send you an entire letter. I am at a turning point in my life. I am about to leave a PhD program without completing it to change directions entirely. The three years I’ve been in this program have been three of the most personally challenging of my life as I’ve painfully come to realize that everything I thought I wanted was not right for me. This evening, as I’ve been working on my master’s thesis, I sat here feeling like something important is missing. This feeling has been growing in me for years and has intensified in the past few months. I’ve found myself reading about all sorts of new topics — metaphysics, intuition, energy, and even clairvoyance. I’m not sure what I believe in anymore, but I’ve been feeling incredibly constricted by my own body and mind and feel like I want MORE of something. So, a few moments ago, I did a Google search for “what I need the truth soul purpose” hoping for a miracle. On the first page of results, it brought me to your article “The Truth about Awakening – Reconnection with the Higher Self.” I had to send you this message to tell you that this short article is exactly what I needed. Reading it felt breathing in pure life, relief, and rejuvenation. Each paragraph brought me more comfort and hope, and I feel so grateful that you posted this online. I am brimming with emotion and ideas about the possibilities of what I can learn and experience in the future. Your words have touched me so profoundly; your article felt like the hand of an old friend warmly taking hold of the hand I have been extending to the universe for a very long time. Thank you for taking my hand. Thank you for your boldness and truth.»

Take care, Laura M.

«I just read your Sunday chat and just want to say…You can’t be too outspoken or too late. I so appreciate your message about the Higher Self and I too was greatly affected by your timely sharing.  I am originally from the East Coast, Queens, New York to be exact and have been living in Oregon for 3 yrs come June 23. My hunger to connect deeper to my Higher Self is what brought me to your message, in answer to the cry of my heart. You sit on my desktop with easy access. Thanks dear Christine for being who you are and sharing your self with us. I am looking forward to your next message.»

With much appreciation and love and blessings,
Katherine Anne Marion

«I liked the articles you sent me, especially the second one about the law of attraction and the need to reconnect to my higher self. I have also started practicing the meditation of the heart that you teach in your book and in your free document. Thank you again for your help and I am enjoying reading the last part of your book very much.»


«…Two months ago our older daughter was offered a job that she didn’t really want, and it would not have been good for her psychologically, but there were many reasons for her to take it anyway. However, my husband and I encouraged her to trust her intuition, her “gut feel” and she decided not to take it. A month went by with no job opportunities, but then the most perfect job came along and she is so glad that she trusted herself. She loves her new job. I think I would have been less secure about encouraging her to trust her gut if I had not read your book.»

Joan Kirsner, CA

«If Freud were alive today he’d be phoning Christine Hoeflich about her book. A fascinating book for all types of therapists and life coaches, not to mention those who want a deeper connection with their true self.»

Don Lind, MSW, former deputy director of Social Services, Santa Cruz County, CA. Currently retired.